AquaMagic ps
Rain Repellent Glass Treatment
                                                 See Clearly Drive Safely!
About the product
The advanced technology in Aquamagic Glass Treatment is derived from PPG industries, Inc.'s proprietary aviation glass chemistry.
This new product is designed for use on windshields, side windows, rear windows, glass mirrors, or any other glass surfaces where
water, snow, ice, or bugs make it difficult to see. Aquamagic Glass Treatment provides better vision during bad weather.
* Takes only minutes, instructions are enclosed
* One applicator treats an average windshield
* Use other applicator on side or rear windows, or save for later to restore performance
What you can expect from Aquamagic:
* Remarkably improved vision in the rain!
* Rain beads up and rolls right off
* Ice, snow, bugs and dirt are easier to remove
* Always use wipers as needed
Durable Performance:
* Performance lasts for months in normal conditions
* Aquamagic Glass Treatment outlasts other rain repellent products
Other Uses:
* Shower doors
* Patio doors