Mig/Mag Welding
Single-phase welding welding units on wheels, microprocessor-controlled, suitable for MIG/MAG (manual,
synergic or #pulsed), TIG-DC* (manual or pulsed) and electrode welding* .
A 3,3” display shows all the welding parameters, and makes the adjustment very easy and intuitive. Ideal
for applications in welding carpentries and body workshops and specifically for the welding of stainless steel,
aluminium and zinc-coated steels. Ideal for the use with five welding torches (not at the same time), two gas
cylinders (Ar/Co2 and Ar, Ø170mm max for standard bracket. On request available with bracket for 2 larger
Gas cylinders Ø 210mm or Ø 260mm) and three wire spools (Fe/CrNi, Al and CuSi) enabling then a simple
and fast use. In synergic MIG/MAG welding, the microprocessor allows an easy adjustment and an optimal
arc stability and welding quality. These generators are equipped with a user-friendly control panel. Easy torch
selection with trigger pressure .
features: Manual or #pulsed welding (for Aluminium, CuSi, Steel or Stainless Steel); pre-set synergic
curves (parameters). #In pulsed welding it guarantees optimum performances on small thicknesses and on
aluminium . You can save your custom welding settings; 2T/4T, spot function selection; pre-post gas adjustment;
electronic inductance, soft start, b.b.t.(burn back time).
TIG DC features*: Lift arc; continuous or pulsed welding; 2T/4T selection; Up/down slope adjustment; frequency
and current levels in TIG pulsed welding; final current.
Electrode features*: antisticking; adjustable hot start and arc force..
* TIG and MMA Only for TP 230   
# MIQ Pulsed Only for TP 230 & 222
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