K-Seal ps



K-Seal Permanent Coolant Leak Repair
No Need to Drain Or Flush…      
            Simply Shake, Pour And Go !




K-Seal  ST-5501 8 oz.
Cooling system up to 20 quarts
Stop leaks in minutes and avoid expensive repairs.
Suitable for all water-based cooling systems including cars, commercial & agricultural vehicles
Permanently Repairs Leaks In:
– Radiators
– Cylinder Heads
– Head Gaskets
– Engine Blocks
– Heater Cores
– Water Pump Casing & Freeze Plugs


K-Seal  ST-5516 16 oz.
Heavy duty vehicles with cooling systems over 20 quarts
Antifreeze compatible, permanent, cooling system repair
For HGV, Heavy Plant, Agricultural and all large water cooled engines
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