PowerScan pnt
PowerScan Nano Extreme WS2 
Battery Tester / Brake Fluid Tester
Refrigerant Pressure Analyser 



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Refrigerant Pressure Analyzer

Determine the right quantity of refrigerant for the air-conditioning system
Ambient temperature
Vent temperature
Refrigerant Actual Pressure
Refrigerant Ideal pressure
Option to do manual or automatic analysis
Optional:infra-red printing of results
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Digital Battery Tester   NEW Design!!!

Adapted to DC 12V battery
Working voltage ranges from 9V to 12V(DC)
Series connection test is not allowed
Both car & motorcycle batteries are available
Print result using portable infrared printer
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Brake Fluid Tester

Built-in microprocessor,7 degrees display shows the test results.
Ratio displayed directly,technical manuals free.
Use easily replaceable 9V cube battery.
Ergonomically designed for hold and use.
ABS anti-acid shell
Adapted to DOT3 DOT4 DOT5 brake fluid test.
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