Stud Welding Machine
YS-30 Stud Matic III

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YS-50 Wonder Welder 


Intelligent Tactis QC YSI-20D Ver 3
 Excessive welding power is not necessary to get an efficient welding result
for high strength steel.
The combination of appropriate welding power control and a highquality
water cooling system is the key to successful welding operations.
By focusing on the essentials leaving out the frills we bring you the highest
quality at the lowest price.
QC – Quality Control for ALL BODY SHOPS!
Main Features:
  • Sufficient output power (8,500A & 350daN) for HSS panel replacement
  • The QC software provides a simple and reliable way to set welding conditions
  • Weighs 76 kgs, lighter and compact body for saving space
  • Sufficient spot welding frequency for quarter panel welding
  • Water cooled welding guns and inverter unit
  • Air cooled output cables

Intelligent Tactis EZ YSI-25EZ-P Professional
– Air Spot Gun: YA-10
– Maximum Pressure: 760daN
–  Detachable Output Cable
One machine incorporating with all these new ideas!
Ver.3 Program
Through mastering the YSI-25EZ in your everyday work, a superior technical quality
weld can be achieved. This idea comes from human engineering
The Barcode Solution
Everyday operations are streamlined using the barcode scanner.
A barcode scanner allows operators to appropriate welding conditions and maintain
the highest quality with just a simple scan.
Horizontal Support System
A welding gun that can be maneuvered in the lightest possible way, no matter how
high or low.  The horizontal balance support achieves weightless balance.
Easy & Simple Set Up System
Quick and easy arm change! No water leaking!
One-touch and Go!