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Gas Analyzers


HM5000 Handheld Gas Analyzer
* Internal rechargeable battery and built-in data recorder
* Measures up to 5 gases: HC, CO, CO2, O2, and NOx
* Calculates AFR and Lambda and measures RPM
* Multi-language LCD display
* Fast warm up: less than 30 seconds
* Perform road testing on the go
* Detect fuel or emission related problems
* Verify carburetor mixture
* Measure air pump performance
* Measure catalytic converter performance
* Find vacuum and exhaust leaks
* Check for smog
* Check PVC system
* Measure engine RPM for 2 & 4 stroke or rotary engines
* Adjust fuel injection or carburetor mixture

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FGA4000XDS Gas Analyser (bench type)
* Quick 2 second response time
* Six large LED displays
* Measures 5 gases: HC, CO, CO2, O2 and NOx (NOx is optional)
* Measures RPM for 2 or 4 stroke engines and calculates AFR and Lambda
* Built-in real-time clock and data recorder and internal/external printer
When you need a reliable gas analyzer that can accurately speed up your emissions, tune-ups and diagnostics testing, Infrared Industries FGA4000XDS is the perfect answer. By offering immediate results in seconds, the FGA4000XDS Gas Analyzer is the fastest machine on the market. Certified to BAR and OIML standards, this gas analyzer provides a portable, accurate and quick solution for every tune-up and automotive mechanic shop.
The FGA4000XDS is a cost-effective, all-in-one performer making it the perfect
trouble-shooting tool for your diagnostic needs. Automotive, motorcycle or any exhaust
emissions are ideal applications where detection of up to 5 different gases is required.
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