Kooltec ps


Recovery /Recycling and High Technology Flushing Systems

For Automotive Air-Conditioning



A Technology Developed & Improved From 19 Years of Research & Experiment Since 1996






      Mobile Air-Cond System

      Model: KT-007-L





* Refrigerant Recovery / Recycling Process.

* Reduce labor costs.

* High Technology Flushing Air-Conditioning Systems, including compressor, condenser, evaporator,

  drier and total piping system without having to remove any component.

* Up to 95% oil in the air-conditioning system will be removed, including contaminant, debris etc.

* Ensure right quantity and quality of oil for the air-conditioning systems.

* Diagnostic refrigerant-ID analyzer and refrigerant pressure/temperature analyzer.

* Design vacuuming data display and leakage Auto-check systems.

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