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Specialist Engine Treatments



Steps Towards Performance Restoration & Reduction Of Pollution That Cause Global Warming






… Advanced formulation for the cleaning of all types of engines and gearboxes
… dissolves coking [micro fine] in a few minutes in the oil and the lubricant circulation system
… contains lubricant and extreme bearing pressure components for the protection of all mechanical parts during the cleaning process
… improves the compression by removing deposits from the lubricanting system and the piston ring belt






… is a highly efficient multi-use cleaner for injection systems, fuel pumps and high-pressure pumps with “FSI GDI” systems.
    Cleans and lubricates the fuel system, removes condensation
… durable cleanliness of injectors ensures optimum performance and lowest possible fuel consumption. Optimization of exhaust emissions
… cleans the valves and the entirecombustion chamber
… is suitable for “old timers”, also asan alternative or replacement to lead
… carburettor cleaning also for two and four-stroke engines (e.g. motorcycles, marine engines, lawn mowers, chain saws etc.)





… for the engine, manual and automatic gearboxes and differentials
… extremely adhesive oil additive, forms a sturdy lubricating film on all mobile parts in engine and gearbox
… reduces increased oil consumption and prevents hydraulic tappet rattling
… quietens rattling of worn gears in the gearbox and prevents differential noise
… diminishes wear through improved cold running characteristics
… is compatible with all mineral and synthetic oils





… cleans, protects and lubricates the entire diesel fuel system
… cleaning the nozzles, injectors (common rail) and pump nozzle aggregates, prevents soot and exhaust emission
… durable cleanliness in combustion chambers, piston rings and exhaust recirculating systems with regular application (at 15,000 km)
… prevents/ reduces diesel knock as well as fixed burning of the nozzle needles and restores/ maintains full engine performance
… prevents the growth of bacteria, algae and mould fungi in the tank
… is also effective when using bio diesel



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