Peregrine ps
Coolant / Antifreeeze / Engine Oil
Peregrine ELC Antifreeze is a new generation, extended life coolant, developed
to be globally accepted and provide superior performance over existing technologies.
It is an amine-free, phosphate-free, silicate-free, boraxfree and also nitrite-free
product, based on Organic Acid Technology (OAT). It offers extended life protection in
the cooling system for up to 5 years or 250,000 km. The product has excellent heat
transfer function and protection at high operating temperatures. It prevents winter
freezing and summer boil over, and contains a high quality defoamer, which minimise
\any foaming in the system.
Peregrine ELC Antifreeze is dyed a distinctive orange for easy identification against
the common coolants. It contains effective anti-rust additive and corrosion inhibitors
for maximum protection of all common metal parts including solder, steel, copper,
brass, cast iron and aluminium (or mixed aluminium). It is also compatible with all
conventional anti-freeze coolants. Peregrine ELC Antifreeze is a 50% concentrate
and will not harm hoses, plastics or original vehicle finishes. A fully concentrate
ELC Antifreeze is available on demand

Quiick Fully Synthetic Engine Oils

A quiet, smooth & lively engine can increase your driving pleasure & reduce fatigue

Boosted with Ester & Nano Fullerene Slows down oil ageing with cleverly matched additives
Prevents sludge & carbon build up – giving a clean durable engine

Peregrine Quiick motor oils are synthetic high-performance, low-friction engine oils.
Quiick oils are extra quick at lubricating the moving parts, ensuring easier engine
start-up every time. Boosted with high reserve capacity through cleverly matched
additives including proprietary and proven friction modifier, Quiick motor oils
exhibit excellent wear-protection and stability over a wide range of  temperatures.
The unique friction modifier contains fullerene molecules that provide excellent
engine protection even in extreme no-oil presence situations. Due to the low
vaporisation tendency and good seal compatibility of the synthetic base stocks,
oil consumption is considerably reduced. Compared with conventional engine
oils, PeregrineQuiick motor oils reduce friction losses in the engine, particularly
during short journeys and stop-and-go operations.

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