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Primalec Lubrication & Leak Control Solution
Leak Control Leak repair and prevention
One of the most common points of leakage in mobile ACs is the service valve. It is important that both the valve core and the cap are in good leak
free condition, but this is often overlooked. A very easy way to ensure leak tightness here is to replace the valve cores and caps at each A/C service.
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Leak Control Additives – ExtraCool AC
Performance booster treatment uses unique lubricant technology to increase the operating efficiency of your older vehicle’s air conditioner.
It works by removing built up sludge and gummy deposits and then forming a durable thin film barrier on metal surfaces to restore optimum
heatexchange, and compressor lubrication.

Extra Cool Performance additives – to add to a system at any time.
AC2222X ExtraCool AC
for 2 standard or 1 large vehicle in 60ml injectable Concertina
AC2223V Glo-Leak ExtraCool AC
2-in-1 single treatment in 30ml injectable Concertina

Lubrication air conditioning and refrigeration/injecting systems
Snow Leopard Extra CoolTM PAG oils for R134a
These premium high performance PAGs restore original cooling power to older ACs.
Their special additive package removes gummy deposits built up over years, and forms a slippery thin film boundary layer on metal surfaces.
The resultant faster refrigerant flow, better oil return and more efficient heat exchange help restore the original cooling power to older ACs.

Injecting systems
Concertina RotaJect
This robust and durable new metal injector tool is designed for frequent daily use. Rotaject accepts factory pre-filled 30ml and 60ml hermetic
Concertina cartridges, and the graduated scale allows precise dosage of small amounts of Glo-Leak and other additives in multiples of 2.5ml
With the addition of AC2266-2 Main hose and cap assembly (see below), you can also fill the chamber with liquid from a bottle to inject up to
90cc of oil, dye, or other additives to a pressurised system at the turn of your hand.
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