Qmax ps
Qmax Nano Technology
Increase Horse Power & Torque at LOW, MID & HIGH speeds!
Why and How Qmax Works
Qmax Nano works by means of Far -Infrared Rays or in short ( FIR) when Fuel passes through the Nano Fuel, its emitted and absorbed by fuel
molecules that changes the rotational and vibration. This causes the hydrocarbon in the fuel to breakup.
The Qmax Nano Air is very unique product that magnifies the air molecules that will greatly assists  the burning process.
When this reformed molecules meets together in the engine chamber with a spark of the spark plug it create an amazing burning, resulting in
an immediate difference that you also wanted the way your engine to be… Smoother…Better Performance.. Lower fuel Consumption..
Better Response.., and so on..
All these will be the immediate results once Qmax Nano is in place.  
The Qmax Nano Fuel and Qmax Nano Air is One of its kind that deliver an energy saving through heat wave. It is NON Magnetic and will NOT
cause any malfunction on your electronic component. Qmax Nano Fuel and Air is made from a specific raw material which obtain from natural
ore that emits the ray similar to Far Infrared Ray.
The Qmax Nano Fuel and Qmax Nano Air effectively frustrate the molecular chain in both the Fuel and Air at an amazing speed.
This combination is perfect in creating a better combustion in our engine.
Moreover, the Qmax Nano Air enhances the effectiveness of the braking system as well. Result is almost immediate after installation. You will
feel more braking power, because of the air intake that passing through the Qmax Nano Air.
No Tool Needed & Easy installation
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