Electronic Squeak & Rattle Finder
Wireless ChassisEAR 97202
Allows technician to listen to gears, bearings and suspension while under load so problems can be more accurately pin-pointed.
* Detects squeaks and rattles throughout a car or truck’s chassis
* Noises can be transmitted up to 50 ft. from transmitter to receiver allowing Wireless ChassisEAR® to be used on larger vehicles
* Wireless Channel Receiver isolates up to 4 different transmitter locations
* LED lights indicate the strength of signal of the active channel
* Illuminated button indicates active channel at a glance
* Adjustable volume control, On/Off switch
* Listen to noises with the built-in speaker or connect through jack using earphones
* Includes: 6 AA batteries, 16 AAA batteries, Organizer pouch, Location identifier note pad, Instruction manual, Blow molded case,
   four clamp-on inductive sensors

ChassisEAR 06600
Quickly pinpoints problems under Chassis, Fuel Injectors, Bearings, Gears & Suspension, Transmission,
Differentiat/C.V. Joint.
* Listen to six different under chassis locations in one road test
* Hear noises that cannot be duplicated in the stall
* Professional headphones shut out surrounding sound
* Six color coded super sensitive microphone clamps attach to problem areas
* 16 ft. wire sensor leads reach to all vehicle locations
* Clamp the six sensors on springs, torque rods, shocks, body mounts,brakes, dash assembly, door hinges, drive
train, rear or front axle,transmission, transfer case, suspension, sway bars, tie rod ends,struts, axle hubs, ring &
pinion bearings, mufflers, catalytic converter, 02 sensor, A/T case, oil pump, or even an un-torqued bolt
* Put gears, bearings, suspension under load so the actual problems can be detected
* Six-way switch isolates each channel
* Instant cross-comparison between all six channels can be made in one short road test
* Saves needless warranty expenses in parts and labor

EngineEAR II  06800

Quickly pinpoints noise and location of worn bearings & bushings; noisy valves & lifters; broken, worn gear teeth;
faulty fuel injectors, wind or air leaks; annoying squeaks and rattles.
* Electronic Stethoscope
* dB Meter has 7 sound level control settings – 60 dB to 120 dB for super sensitive noise pick-up and limited
distortion of unwanted sounds
* Hi – Low setting on db Meter allows interpretation of sound on both levels
* dB Meter allows user to detect when battery is low
* Professional headphones shut out surrounding sound
* Non conductive microphone – will not zap expensive computer circuitry
* Flexible shaft reaches the tightest areas
* Includes: dB Meter w/Amp & Mic, Rubber Sensing Tip, Headphones, Metal Probe

ChassisEAR / EngineEAR II Combo 06608
ChassisEAR / EngineEAR II combination kit offers the benefit of listening to noise under the Chassis using ChassisEAR
and in the engine compartment using EngineEAR.
* P/N# 06600 – ChassisEAR®
* P/N# 06800 – EngineEAR® II
* dB Meter w/Ultra sensitive microphone and amplifier
* Professional Headphones
* Inductive Metal Probe
* 6 Position Electronic Control Box
* 6 Super Sensitive Microphone Color Coded Clamps
* 12 Velcro Strips and 12 Twist Ties
* Location Identifier Note Pad
* Storage Pouch and Blow Molded Carrying Case
* 9V Battery

EngineEAR Elite 97170
Amplifies sound for proper diagnosis and pinpoints faulty equipment.
* Electronic Stethoscope – Use to amplify sound during diagnosis or verification of proper engine operation
* Vibration Detection – Use to pinpoint faulty bearings, injectors, squeaks, rattles, etc. Use noise cancellation
feature while in vibration detection mode to eliminate background noise
* Ergonomic handle design wih dual durometer gripMode selection switch with LED indicator
* Rotary volume control
* Detachable flex wand with LED illuminated tip
* Studio-style head set with tangle-free coil cord
* Blow molded storage case included