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The Tsunami Regenerative Dryer uses the latest technology to provide your application with the cleanest, driest compressed air available. Our systems are complete
packages and include Tsunami water separators, oil coalescing filters and Moisture Minder® automatic drains to assure proper draining of water and oils. Tsunami
Regenerative Dryers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit your specific application requirements.
For more information on Regenerative Dryers, click HERE for Technical Information – Air Drying
* Low Dew Points – down to –80°F Low Relative Humidity – down to .01% RH
* Expandable Drying Technology – Increase dryer capacity without buying a new system
* Easy, Low Cost Maintenance – Simply replace oil coalescing filter element every six months
* Dual Inlet/Outlet Ports – Allows for multiple installation configurations
* For Maximum Performance size dryer at 100% duty cycle flow rate


  The most important part of filtration is on the inside. Today, many manufacturers use die cast housings which collect chemicals from your compressed air and will
eventually oxidize and create a white rust inside your filtration. What separates Tsunami from other manufacturers is that our filters are machined from 6061 aircraft  
aluminum. They are anodized for maximum corrosion resistance, inside and out. This prevents rust and corrosion from forming inside the filter housings unlike filters
manufactured out of die cast materials.
For more information on the technology of filtration, click  HERE for Technical Information – Filtration


                                                                                                                            Filters are available from 20 SCFM to 240 SCFM
                                                                                                    Multiple draining options available. Mounting brackets sold separately.

Compressed air systems can become severely contaminated when the simple duty of draining compressor tanks and filters gets neglected. Failure to complete
this task will eventually lead to catastrophic results. The solution… A complete line of Moisture Minder® automatic drains. Moisture Minder® drains are available
in standalone or filter-mounted units.
For more information click HERE for Technical Information – Drains
Feature                                                                                                                                                                     Benefits
* Automatic; only requires intermittent pilot signal                                                                      * No manual adjustments required                   
* No electricity required                                                                                                                                  * Saves money – no additional wiring
* Seals made of Teflon® and Viton®                                                                                                        * Long life – can be used with synthetic oils 
* Standard valve rated at 300psi                                                                                                                * Compatible with most systems   
* Operates without pressure drop in air system


For more information click HERE for Technical Information – ElectronicDrains

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