Nano Extreme WS2 is a new generation surface-reconditioning nano lubricant for engine oil.
Featuring a unique “dual action” effect: multi-layer WS2 nanospheres lower friction and heat,
thereby reducing mechanical wear.
At the same time, friction causes nanospheres to release tribofilms that attach to surface
crevices and re-smoothen them, thereby extending mechanical efficiency and apparatus life.
Nano Extreme WS2 is based on formulated mineral oil concentrate mixed with super strong
tungsten disulfide (WS2) multi-layered nanofullerene particles.
Engine oil treatment for automotive and generator 4-stroke engines.
Including private cars, trucks, industrial engines, boats & motorbikes.
Suitable for all types of engines: gasoline & diesel, modern or classic.
Suitable for all types of oils: synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral.
Key Features
Especially formulated for low friction – significantly reduces friction in engines in comparison to traditional lubricants.
Unique nanotechnology minimizes engine wear – special formula creates a tenacious tribofilm that remains even after
oil change, protecting your engine. This means longer equipment life and extended maintenance intervals.
Two-in-one solution. No need for two separate additives; simpler and less expensive to use with added benefits.

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