Model: SPCT-100

Carbon is a attached to plug so that if ignition is weakly
generated the engine function becomes to deteriorate and
increases oil consumption. Then high pressure air radiates
fine abrasive particles to remove carbon from ignition plug,
and the tester can check if both electrode gap and ignition
have their best conditions, and it improves engine.



Model: SY-AT11
This is a tester to show precisely the spots of earth, short circuits
and open circuits of the stater motor used in a car. It checks the
state of earth of the armature.
It checks short circuits on the core piece of the armature. It is
possible to check the fault of the earth or pe4n (broke) cirsuit
using the lead pointer of the tester.
Model: SY-BC111
To have perfect braking power and to extend life time of brake
device, it is necessary to exchange brake fluid periodically.
This tool is used to exchange brake fluid completely. As making
the bottom of this device vacuous by using compressed air,
waste fluid of automobile break device is cuked through the indraft
of vacuum toweard the valve installed in the wheels, at the same
      time, it is designed that new fluid is supplemented automatically
      into brake fluid container in the engine room by using accessories
      so that one opeartor can work quickly and conveniently.
Model: SY-BT200
Testable Battery Capacity: 30A ~ 200A
It is device to check battery capacity and the specific
gravity of tis solution at once. It can also test formed
voltage of generator os be used to check accidentally
the discontinuity of circuit inside wiring.

Model: SY-BT100
Testable Battery Capacity: 30A ~ 1000A
This battery tester can be used to test almopst the whole types of batteries' sate of capacity.
They can discharge batteris efficiently to estimate if the battery is good or bad.




Model: SY-DBT600
Testable Battery Capacity: 30A ~ 600A
Performing a battery condition test is made easier and
more accurate with microprocessor controlled design.




Model: SY-DBT100
Testable Battery Capacity: 30A ~ 1000A
This digital battery tester will conveniently measure battery voltage,
and the measures value can shown on FND window.




Model: SY-DBT1000CP
* 12/24V Battery Test
* High resoluation 0.01V
* Apply various standaard to your needs (CCA, AH (=20HR), EN, DIN, IEC, EN)
* Measures bnattery capacity, expected life span, internal resistance
* Measures the charging capaacity under the discharged condition at 20 hours rate 
  * Measure alternator status
     * Self-designed battery clip: It takes a firm grip of battery for better performacne
     * Internal thermal printer