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Primalec ExtraCool A/C Additive 30ml

ExtraCool A/C – rejuvenates R134a systems.

Legacy R134a vehicle systems are now at least 5½ years old and many are much older.
A little TLC can get them back as close to new as possible.

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    ExtraCool AC is now available for easy application in our unique vacuum cans – application is the same as for Airco Seal Pro, except that the hose is re-usable with ExtraCool.

  • Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Ideally, complete recovery and evacuation of the refrigerant and oil, flushing the internal system and adding the correct VM specified amounts of fresh new refrigerant and premium lubricant. Less time-consuming is to add ExtraCool A/C additive, with ICE32 and Glo-Leak® UV, to harvest the benefits of:

    • Cooler vent temperatures, faster
    • Cleans internal surfaces, creates protective barrier layer
    • Better heat exchange, faster refrigerant flow
    • Reduces friction, extending compressor life
    • Eliminates moisture
    • Rejuventates o-rings, seals & elastomer pipes
    • Stops and prevents hose and seal leaks
    • Glo-Leak UV aids leak detection

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