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Primalec Glo-Leak Refrigerant Leak Test Fluid (250ml)

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    Glo-Leak® 1384 is for small to medium sized commercial AC&R systems, including those with hermetic electric compressors. Use one dose of 5ml for up to 1 litre of lubricant. Add it to the system via the oil sump if present, or with a Primalec injector.

    For commercial A/C – all refrigerants.

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    Additional Information

    Static and marine air conditioning and refrigeration: Primalec first supplied Glo-Leak® UV/AC&R to the marine refrigeration industry in the late 1980s when refrigerant leakage first became an environmental issue. Since then Glo-Leak® has been successfully and safely used to find refrigerant leaks quickly and reliably in every type of commercial, industrial, marine and mobile air conditioner and refrigeration system, and with all types of compressors.

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