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Bowmonk Tapley EBM

It is portable, lightweight and easy to use and is a must have for most 4×4 vehicles.

The bright LED display clearly shows Service and Hand Brake efficiency.
The results are downloadable to PC using a USB cable and sent directly to the DVSA’s MTS Connected Network.

The Tapley EBM is also approved for Motorcycles, Trikes & Quads (Class I, II & III vehicles), although you will need to purchase the DVSA approved Handle Bar Bracket & Clamp.

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    The Tapley EBM is a self-contained unit, incorporating an Accelerometer, which is used to determine your vehicle’s braking performance. It can also be used to monitor the condition of the brake components in conjunction with normal, routine inspection.

    The Tapley EBM has a 3-character LED display that shows the unit’s status and the test results.
    The Low Battery Indicator means it needs replacing but it will still work, NoB means that the battery is completely flat and the unit is not able to do a test until the batteries are replaced.

    New batteries will accommodate around 300 tests. To replace the batteries, remove the back by undoing the 4 screws.
    There is no off switch on the unit; it will automatically power off after 5 minutes of inactivity.

    This ‘Bowmonk Connected’ version of the Tapley EBM is capable of testing both the Service Brake and the Hand Brake.

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