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Primalec Glo-Leak UV Leak Test Fluid 250ml

Glo-Leak® 1396 for rainwater ingress for rainwater ingress and wind noise.

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    Glo-Leak® 1396 is for bodywork, windscreens, door seals, etc. Use Glo-Leak® 1396 to find rain water leaks in windscreens, door seals, boot lids, etc., at the rate of 25ml per 10 litres of water.

    Apply the mixture externally to the suspected areas with a hand sprayer or a pressurised hose system. When you inspect with a UVA or UVBlue light from the inside of the vehicle, look for a blue glow. Combine ultrasonic with Glo-Leak® 1396, and you’ll be sure to catch all the leaks.

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